Astellas Pharma is among the top 20 list of international pharmaceutical companies and has a large worldwide coverage, with more than 17,650 employees in 40 countries.

Our mission consists in developing and providing innovative pharmaceutical products in therapeutic areas where medical need is still insufficient.

By investing almost 1.5 billion euros (17%) 1 of its turnover in Research and Development of new medicines, Astellas is one of the major players in the field of urology, immunology including Transplantation, infectious diseases, oncology, neuroscience and metabolic diseases.

Astellas France is currently the second largest Japanese pharmaceutical group in France, with more than 270 employees (70% of women and 30% of men).

Astellas wants to be, above all, a company focused on innovation for the benefit of patients. Its action strategy named “Changing tomorrow”, illustrates the capacity of the Astellas teams to respond to the unavoidable change of the pharmaceutical companies Economic model.

This is the way we work together in order to achieve a serene pharmaceutical progress for today’s patients and for the future generations.

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